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Erica Macias, REALTOR®, Property Manager, New Home Sales Professional

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As a licensed Realtor®, Erica Macias has been in the industry for more than two decades now. Her determination to become a licensed Realtor® saw her become one within her first six months in the industry, which was no mean feat for a beginner. She ultimately won the Top New Agent Award. Throughout her real estate career, Erica has enhanced her Realtor® expertise as a Military Relocation Professional, Veteran and Active Duty Advocating Real Estate Professional, Property Manager, New Home Sales Professional, Neighborhood Housing Services of Southern Nevada Certified, Home At Last Certified, and HUD- Registered. In her vast career, she has helped over 200 people to accomplish their real estate dreams. 

Erica brings tenacity, focus, and intense passion for ensuring that she gives homebuyers, sellers, and investors an unprecedented hassle-free experience towards achieving their real estate goals. She makes it her purpose to provide assistance and desires to make a positive impact on her clients. Her experiences have shaped her into a Realtor® who wants the best for her clients.

Erica leverages her skills and in-depth knowledge of the industry to extensively educate her clients about market dynamics and offer genuine insights that effectively empower them to make wise and informed decisions.Passionate about helping others, Erica takes her job to heart, goes out of her way to help her clients navigate the stressful nature of real estate transactions with ease, and offers real-time solutions to the challenges that may arise.

She is renowned for her great work ethic and excellent customer service. She strives to build networks and long-term friendship relationships that generate financial security, wealth, and a sense of accomplishment, through which she targets to increase the return on investment. A great believer in self-improvement, she continues to educate herself to stay on top of the newest tools and resources to sharpen her skills. Through it, she intends to leverage her experience in educating her clients throughout the homeownership process.

When Erica is not working pursuing her clients’ goals, she is a wife and mother to two sons. Her older son has been following her example by learning the tools of the trade from her. They help offer their clients ‘The Red Carpet’’ experience.

Quotes from Colleagues in Real Estate:
“She exemplifies the work ethics of a true professional and elevates our standards beyond what is expected.” Marivie Davis, REALTOR®, Barrett & Co Inc REALTORS®
“Erica is one of the most determined REALTORS® I have met. She is the type of agent that will go above and beyond what is expected of her.” Cynthia Bologna Rosenfeld, Broker, Barrett & Co Inc REALTORS®
“I have had the pleasure of watching and seeing her growth in becoming an outstanding REALTOR®....” Lee K Barrett, Broker & Former Real Estate Commissioner, Barrett & Co Inc REALTORS®






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Ruben Bellah

I highly recommend Erica Macias.Erica treated me like family.very good negotiator, very persistent. Erica is an expert and knows her job very well.Erica is not like other Realtors that are pushy and wanna sell you a home.if you can imagine and picture yourself and family in that home Erica will make your dream a reality.=) if your looking for a home.Erica is the best in the West

J Gomez

It was a pleasure woking with Erica--She helped me and my Fiance buy our first home. She was always available to answer questions and give us updates.

Amber Hazleowl

Best realtor ever. Hard working, super sweet, put in so much effort and was very professional! Amazing and would go to her again for any purchase in the future!


Erica was continually right on top of everything throughout the transaction, and calling me to update, remind and assist me with decisions along the way. She is extremely knowledgeable about real estate. You can count on her fighting for your best interests all the way. I've used many real estate agents over my life time, and can unequivocally say that she is one of the best.

Piomarc C

I never has the chance to thank you Erica from 2 years ago but better late than never. Thanks for your help in my home purchase. And by the way guys Erica is excellent if your looking to use this program she is very knowledgeable with it.

Judith Ibanez

When we found out we were PCSing to Vegas, we knew one of the first things we needed to secure was a home. We had many family and friends that had been stationed there with the Air Force so we reached out to them if they knew any realtors. We got Erica's name from a family member who she assisted secure a beautiful rental a few years back. I reached out to Erica while we were still stationed overseas in Japan, and let me tell you with the time difference and specifics we wanted finding a home was nerve-wrecking. Erica did an amazing job updating our list of homes to choose from, she gave recommendations and suggestions on the perk of buying vs. renting. We ultimately chose to rent as we do not know how long we will be here for, and Erica understood. When we finally found the "one" Erica communicated on what we needed and did her best on her end to get it, and that we did. She was very helpful the whole way through and made the process simplistic, I will be recommending her to our friends that will be here in 5 months! Thank you Erica for taking the stress of moving one country to another a lot less stressful!

Thomas R

Erica is not only my neighbor she is also the realtor who helped me purchase my home. She has also help my parents sell one of their properties in a quick and efficient time frame which she had promised upfront. She goes above and beyond to make sure the work is done for you hassle-free highly recommended. Thomas R.

Fred and

WOW!!!!! Erica Macias is hands down the Best Real Estate Agent around!!!!! She called me on a regular basis to make sure that I was updated on everything and always asked me if I had any questions. Erica is very different than the other Realtors she really cares about her clients and her only mission was to make sure that we were happy. Erica exceeded our expectations she sold our house very quickly and made us feel so comfortable. Erica is probably the nicest person that I have ever met and if you want the Best Realtor around take it from a Disabled War Veteran call her Immediately!!!!!!!!! Fred and Arsenia Albarran Las Vegas NV.


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Erica Macias

REALTOR®, Property Manager, New Home Sales Professional

Barrett & Co, Inc

2885 S Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV


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